Sports Nutrition
Sport Nutrition

TriFacts Dietitian Amy Culp, R.D., L.D. believes that nutrition is the most overlooked and least understood aspect of triathlon training. Recognizing and comprehending your unique body needs for fuel and hydration before, during and after workouts can dramatically improve your endurance, speed and overall performance. TriFacts Sports Nutrition provides the tools you need to plan your own individualized sports nutrition strategy through offering the most current information that sports nutrition has to offer. We’re confident you’ll see and feel the difference!

Here is a sampling of the topics Amy will cover in depth in the next few months:

•    Your Sports Nutrition Training Plan

Learn the right combination and proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for you meals, and how to time your eating to better meet your training needs.

•    Hydration: Water and Beyond

Figure out how much and what you need to drink before, during, and after training and competition. We’ll review the different sports drinks on the market, and will also talk about the risks of hyponatremia (“water intoxication”) and how to prevent it.

•    Event Day Nutrition

Learn why the content and timing of your meals eaten before, during and after your event can maximize your performance and minimize post-event stress. We will cover Sprint, Olympic and Ironman distances.

•    Weight Management
Learn how to manage your weight during triathlon training and how your weight affects your training.

•    Supplements

We’ll review the most current supplements and products for athletes and we will discuss the safest, most effective way to use them. 

•    Fueling for the Sport

Learn nutrition tips specific to swimming, cycling, and running.

•    Clearing Up Carb Confusion

Finally, a chance to get the skinny on carbs! We’ll talk about how much, when, what kind and more.

Remember, as a TriFacts Member you can ask Amy questions at any time in our TriFacts Specialty Forum on Sports Nutrition!